IT Asset Disposition

Server, Computer & Networking Liquidation

Deep Discount Servers provides fast, cost-efficient and reliable liquidation services to large and mid-sized companies.

Our proprietary supply and demand algorithm provides accurate assessments and immediate pay-out for your equipment. We can purchase your surplus equipment outright or re-market on your behalf.

Please contact us if you have a surplus of equipment, our specialists will promptly respond and make you an offer. Feel free to include a spreadsheet of your used computer hardware to help expedite the process.

White Glove Take-Outs & Logistics

Supported by a network of 3PL affiliates, we offer premium removal services to fit your specific equipment removal needs such as complete decommissioning, packing and shipping. Whether you are planning a complete data-center clean-out or just upgrading your servers and networking equipment, our removal services will be as seamless, fast and low-touch as you want it to be, and in full compliance with federal, state and local laws as you need it to be.

Data Destruction

We offer a selection of secure data destruction processes to choose from, including:

  • HDD, SSD, Tape Data Erasure: All data is wiped from media using software that meets or exceeds the DOD standard and reports are provided that certifies all data has been removed;
  • HDD, Tape Degaussing: This process uses large electromagnets to essentially render the media completely useless;
  • HDD, SSD, Tape Shredding: Complete physical destruction of media.

Deep Discount Servers professional data destruction services offer the following benefits:

Effectively meet or exceed the standards as identified within articles DOD 5220.22-M and NIST 800-88.

Certificate of Data Destruction (CoDD), serialized and backed by a digital auditable report generated by our professional-grade data wipe software.

  • Chain of custody documentation.
  • Secure Handling and Storage
  • Environmentally responsible disposal
  • Data Capture & Reporting

Deep Discount Servers customer portal provides ultimate transparency allowing you to effectively decommission your assets. The portal contains a one-stop-shop for important asset attributes, compliance documents, certificates and detailed reporting. The portal further provides real-time project updates from pick-up requests till settlement.

e-Waste Recycling

In some situations, upon evaluation, it may be determined that ROI received from re-marketing certain assets may not offset the IT re-marketing (testing, re-furbishing, selling fees) expenses . If this is the case, Deep Discount Servers will efficiently process, re-cycle and ship materials to legal recycling markets.